Welcome "To your home away from home"

How do I go about renting an apartment at Wisconsin Street Apartments?

Appointments for you and all your roommates to personally view the apartments are made by contacting Mike at J.P. Michaels, LLC , 920-426-1799 or e-mail jpmichaels@yahoo.com.

Is a security deposit required and when must it be paid?

Yes a security deposit in the amount of one month’s rent is required and is usually due at the time the lease is signed, unless other arrangements are made.

What is a “Tenant in common lease”?

As per State of Wisconsin Statutes, a “Tenant in common lease” means all tenants sign on one lease and they are all responsible for the financial and legal responsibilities as stated in that lease.

What about the rent and when is the rent due?

The rent amount is stated on the lease and is due on or before the first of each month. Invoices are not sent to roommates/tenants each month. Tenants (or parents) may send individual checks in individual envelopes or may combine checks in one envelope. If a tenant misplaces their checkbook or does not have a checking account, please give the cash to a roommate and have them mail the check. Payment for future months/semesters are accepted.

How do we make our payments?

Checks for payments should be made payable to J.P. Michaels, LLC • P.O. Box 431 • Oshkosh, WI 54903. Payments in the form of personal or cashier checks are accepted. Please do not send cash.

How long is the lease? Does the landlord “kick tenant out early”?

The term of the lease is from September 1st through August 31st, a full 52 week lease! Unlike many other Oshkosh landlords, J.P. Michaels, LLC does not require you to vacate your apartment up to two weeks prior to being able to move into your next apartment or house. This saves our tenants from ‘having to pack everything up and move back home’ or ‘put stuff in storage for a few weeks and live with a friend’!

What is included?

All Wisconsin Street Apartments are fully carpeted/tiled and feature a spacious and airy living room (some with sweeping cathedral ceilings), open/full size kitchen with stove, refrigerator, microwave and plenty of cabinets and dining counter/area. Also featured is a double vanity at the dressing area next to a separate shower/bathroom. Each apartment has either three or four bedrooms. Each bedroom includes a double bed, dresser/desk, desk chair, nightstand, large mirrored closet, individual heat control and private door locks.

Each apartment also includes: free washer and dryer (located near the dressing area of each apartment), Internet (valued over $50.00 per month, gaming capacity is tenants responsibility), basic standard cable TV (valued at $68.00 per month, extra channels are tenants responsibility), all windows have screens and locks and all individual entry doors have deadbolt locks. All window treatments, taxes, fees, some exterior parking (garages available) garbage and recycling, lawn-care, snow removal are included. Routine and normal repair and maintenance are also included at no cost. All apartments are, and have been, pet free…‘no pets allowed’.

Water and electric utilities are tenant responsibilities. Electric utilities include heat, light and electricity consumed. Water and electric utility costs are offset by the use of free washer and dryer located in each apartment, a savings of $2.50 to $3.00 per load (plus the hassle of going to an off site laundry)! Each apartment was built with energy efficient construction and materials, example: thickness of walls for reduction of sound transmission and heat loss, high quality insulation and ‘low E’ efficient windows. Each apartment has only two exterior walls for ‘heat loss’, with the other two walls backing up to other apartments. Also, the apartments are stacked on top of each other on three floors. The amount of walls/roofs exposed to ‘heat loss’ (compared to a whole house) is the main indicator of utility bills along with the severity of Wisconsin winters. Past tenants who were responsible and closed windows in winter and turned down individual thermostats, turned off lights, computers, etc, when not in use reported electric utility bills in the area of $19.00 per roommate per month compared to others who refused to be responsible reported utilities in the area of $35.00 or more per month. Your utility bill is entirely up to you!

Do I need “Renter’s Insurance?

It is strongly suggested by landlord, that tenant (individual roommates) verify with your own or your parent’s home owner’s insurance carrier regarding loss/damage/theft of tenant’s personal property including items at the apartment and away (on campus, left in vehicles, etc.). Typical landlord’s policy only covers the building where you live, not your personal belongings, computer, TV, bike, cloths, books, jewelry, etc. Also, landlord’s policy does not provide you coverage when/if you are found liable for damage or injury to another person. This means if you are found responsible for injury to another person, or are held legally responsible for damage to someone else’s property, your renters policy could help pay for bodily injury, property damage and defense against these claims or lawsuits. If you are not covered with your parent’s policy, you may want/need to obtain ‘Renter’s Insurance’. Please verify with your or your parents insurance agent.